Ignorance is bliss

Have you ever watched an ant farm? There is something intriguing about watching thousands of little black specks march around in some sort of organized chaos to continuously build and expand an empire in relative terms, to me this is natures best answer to the definition of  the age old term “ignorance is bliss”. Every ant marches religiously without failure to fulfill the one and only roll he was destined to from day one, provide resourceful input to a greater colony that has only one sole purpose – protect and support the Queen.


The whole system as a whole is amazing and it is replicated by nature amongst many different species including the most relevant ones of all – humans. The function of high density colonies has been instrumental in the evolution of life throughout the ages, without power in numbers it is doubtful life would of evolved much further beyond primordial pools. The central idea behind population colonies seems to be the same, large numbers of members working in masses to support a small centralized figure, in the ant farm this would be the queen. But what about us humans?

Clearly we cannot compare ourselves to ants, we are at the very top of natures pyramid of life – but the closer one starts to examine how cities, population centers and or own social economic structures to more one may start to realize how parallel our lives actually are to that of the ant.

This idea proves itself more and more true the closer one finds themselves to the center of large cities. Allow me to give an example, the notion of owning a piece of land (REAL Real Estate) for the majority of city dwellers has long since been replaced by new definitions of Real Estate – one where the majority will spend the majority of their lives indebted to banks and lenders just for a chance to “own” what really amounts to nothing more than a box stacked amongst a big pile of other concrete boxes – no land included, and without land how can it be called Real Estate??

In the world of finance those at the top are served by the greater masses of those who buy into these boxes, speculation is the fuel that runs the show. Colonies are built around promises of sophisticated lifestyles, sophisticated investment strategies all centered around sophisticated pre-fab template design condos keeps the whole show running Millions of people running aimlessly, working between 1 hour commutes just to get that next “carrot” and have feelings of “sophistication and accomplishment” while they hand over 80% to the bank and prepare to do it all over again for another month. These sorts of colonies are beautiful business models, ingenious creations and efficient models on behalf of the financiers, lenders and developers that create them – the whole thing is as interesting to examine as an ant farm is to watch. Of course it all depends on the ignorance of those involved at the bottom to keep it all alive. 


Call me the black sheep here, but I can’t see anyone else winning here besides the fat cats sitting at the top. Don’t get me wrong here either, cities and high density areas provide opportunities and create wealth where they may otherwise not exist. The important question to ask oneself here is which side of the opportunities and wealth are you on? Are you supporting someone else further up the food chain or are you capitalizing on it yourself.

Something to think about it while chewing on that carrot.


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