Facts vs. Stupidity

Fear mongering, umbrella statements, pseudoscience, fraudulent data – these are all examples of tactics that many groups and organizations utilize to market and pursue agendas that amount to nothing more than the idea that 1+1=3.

There are numerous examples of activist groups across multiple industries that use these means to try and manipulate the data that is being released to the general public. Weather it be massive corporate financial institutions, national sales organizations, industry opponents or even your friendly neighborhood salesman the tactics are the same – taking information and manipulating it in ways that promotes single fraudulent agendas that often targets primarily at the source of the origin of the information/data. These groups control messages in ways that go far beyond healthy and legitimate opposition that creates forums of intelligent conversation and discussion.

You can liken this idea to the way that lobbyists would operate at the highest levels of governments – we all should know how disgusting and negative these sort of tactics are in the face of true science and true data.

Situations where small start-ups that have massive potential to contribute positive change within industries are all too often caught up in these situations. Some of the very people that could potentially contribute to the success and growth of new ideas, methods and science all too often end up blindly on the wrong side of the arguments and become blind and ignorant to the truth behind ideas instead falling victim to the opposition and their low IQ.

Here in my hometown exists a start-up with the kind of potential mentioned above – news stories like this here do nothing to contribute to the greater good of local economies and industry. Shame on groups like FOE, The Society for a GE-Free BC and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.


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